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About Sakurai's print length correction

This page introduces "the print length correction function" as an auxiliary function of our servo-driving cylinder screen printing machine, which helps to compensate tiny misregistration by the stretch of screen mesh against the design size (positive film) of the printing plate.
We will also take up here the automated function optional for MSDR-30, our roll-to-roll printing machine model.

 What the print length correction function is

In screen-printing, gauze instantly stretches as squeegee apply paste to workpieces. Therefore, a printed pattern could expand/shrink in relation to the design size.

* Squeegee presses screen gauze against a workpiece (line-contact) to transfer ink.
Screen printing

* Screen gauze stretches during printing
Sylinder type

< Sakurai's print length correction function >
As one of a solution, our cylinder-type screen printing machine enables to adjust the print length through operation monitor by controlling the movement of the printing cylinder and printing plate.

Effect image of the correction function ( Squeegee direction -> )
* Accuracy of correction depends on other printing conditions. length correction function

 Setting of print length correction

Enter the arbitrary correction value of print length for each point through a control panel based on misregistration amount in test print result.

(1) Number of correction points
(2) Adjusting value for each point
(Printing start position = 0)
(3) Correction curve

In the example on the right, the pattern is shortened 0.13mm at 30.0mm point from the printing start position, and 0.10mm elongated at 150.0mm point.

* The pictures are images and may be different from the actual operation and deviation.

 Automatic measurement of printing position
deviation [ MSDR-30 optional function ]

The MSDR-30, our roll-to-roll printing machine, is available to add the function to measure deviated values from datum positions (correction points),automatically by applying CCD camera alignment technology.
It must reduce the setting time on print registration and assists improve work efficiency in which requires high printing accuracy.

< Measuring process of print position deviation >
* An example of two-color printing

[ 1st color ]
- Print registration marks for alignment and print correction.
- Measure the distance between each mark
( = correction points )

[ 2nd color ]
- Print registration marks for alignment and print correction
- Return film to scan the second printed marks and measure the distance from the first color for each point

After confirming the positional accuracy is reproduced within the standard, go to the normal printing work.

* Licensing Information
Name of invention: The expansion and contraction amount calculation device for an expansion amount calculation method and a medium to be printed of the printing medium.

Registration number: JP,6605659,B
Issue date: November 13, 2019


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