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1Features of "SCREEN PRINTING"

Screen printing has a higher degree of freedom for printable ink and substrate compared to other printing methods. Another feature of screen printing is that the ink thickness (printed film thickness) can be adjusted more widely than other printing methods. These characteristics make it possible to use a wide range of inks and pastes, that is, pastes that include functions rather than simple color inks. In familiar places, T-shirt designs and tag prints, and in recent years, with the progress of plate improvements, circuit formation using metal pastes used in the electronics industry has a wide range of fields and applications. The difference from silk screen printing was that it was called silk screen printing because silk cloth was used for the plate in the old days. In order to use synthetic fibers such as nylon and stainless steel mesh as screens for stencil printing, the silk screen printing “silk” is omitted and it is now called screen printing.


Screen printing is a type of stencil printing in which ink is placed on a plate with holes and pushed out to the opposite side using a spatula called a squeegee to apply ink to the substrate. This simple mechanism is why there are few restrictions on ink, objects, and printed film thickness. Screen Printing Works

3About "SCREEN PRINTING" press

The general structure of a screen printing machine is a flatbed structure in which the plate and the substrate are arranged in parallel, but there are structures that match the application, such as a cylinder type or rotary screen. Sakurai has been developing for a long time with a cylinder-type screen printing press. Cylinder-Type Screen Printing

About Cylinder Type Screen Printing

AHigh speed printing

The screen printing press with a cylinder structure prints while the printed material is delivered without stopping, so it can print more than twice as fast as a flat-bed type screen printing press.


Since it is possible to perform stable off-contact (operation to separate the plate and the printed material after squeezing), which is difficult with the flatbed type, the clearance between the plate and the printed material can be set freely.

CPrint elongation corrector

Among cylinder type screen printing presses, there is a type of machine in which the cylinder and plate frame drive are controlled by separate servo motors. This type of machine can use a function that can arbitrarily correct the print length. Therefore, when the printing length is different from positive, correction can be performed on the printing press without remaking the plate.