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Automatic Printed Sheet Inspection System

Renovation of Sakurai Inspection System for fasten processing speed up to 4,500 sheets/hour, and high pile specifications. By using a main body of MS series, register device and vacuum cylinder, high accuracy sheet feeding is realized.



  • Inspected sheets are sorted by optional rejecter conveyor.
  • Sheet transporting part is same as MS-102AX, screen press operator can also run MS-102INS
  • Pattern matching method is adopted as inspection method.
  • Operation panel and display are re-positioned for easy and accessible operation.


Model MS-102INS
Feeder Rear pick up feeder
Sheet feeding way Stream feeding only
Max. sheet size (WxL) (mm) 1,050 x 750
Min. sheet size (WxL) (mm) 560 x 350
Sheet thickness (mm) 0.1 ~ 0.4 (*)
Subject sheets Paper substrate(no-transparent sheet)
Camera resolution (mm) 0.13 x 0.13
Inspection speed (SPH) 2,000 ~ 4,500 (*)
Scanning image width (mm) Max. 1,050
Number of camera 2
Camera pixel 4,096-bit Line Camera
Lighting LED
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 7,602 x 3,080 x 1,981 (Incl.Rejector)

(*) Subject to printed sheet conditions.

Standard Equipment

  • ・Push/pull convertible side lays(with detection sensor)
  • ・Side lay register
  • ・Cylinder built-in front lay sensor
  • ・Rebound stopper at feeder side
  • ・Temporary sheet stop quick position adjustment
  • ・Rebound stopper at delivery side
  • ・Additional rebound stopper for inspection system
  • ・Embossing metal feeder board
  • ・Inspection camera 4096bit x 2
  • ・LED lighting for camera x 3
  • ・Line camera for one side (front) inspection 4,096bit x 1
  • ・LED lighting for camera (front 2 sets, back 1 set selectable)
  • ・Inspection part wider suction belt
  • ・Drop down inlet suction conveyor belt

Optional Equipment

  • ・Anti-static devices
  • ・Double sheet detector (Mechanical/Ultra-sonic)
  • ・OK/NG rejecting device
  • ・Stacker
  • ・Tape marker device