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Printing press operation management system

Utilizing the IoT, it grasps and manages the operating status of manufacturing line in real time. It can reduce costs, contribute as eco-friendly while settling the issues by "visualizing" the operation rate and work time at the site.

SSF (Sakurai Smart Factory)


  • Centrally monitor the operating status of the printing machine for each job.
  • Outputs actual hours and utilization rates in daily, monthly, and yearly.
  • The collected information is displayed in real time on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Existing (already installed) screen printing press is also available to connect.
  • Available the customization according to customer's request.

  • SSF IoT

    Management and production improvement of printing press by IoT (Internet of Things)

Predictive maintenance (Option)

Planned maintenance is achieved with a life monitor.

Predict the service life of maintenance parts and notify when to replace them on the display. Planned maintenance can be performed before unexpected machine failure based on the information to prevent.

  • By notifying the service life, a stable maintenance plan can be made.
  • Unscheduled maintenance is reduced which leads to cost reduction.
  • By utilizing the life expectancy, available to operate the machine stably and increase the operation rate.

SSF Predictive

Preventive maintenance (Option)

Machine periodic maintenance can be performed easily and reliably by operating the display.

  • Printing press shows the items which require regular maintenance and maintenance date on the touch panel therefore it can prevent forgetting to checkin the listed order. In addition, it also has a function to display the manual of inspection position in an easy to understand pictures.
  • Performing regular inspection on maintenance items and replacing each part for certain period based on time makes to reduce the risk of sudden failure and to operate the machine in stable long term.

SSF Preventive