Sakurai Graphic Systems CorporationSakurai Graphic Systems Corporation


1946 Sakurai Machinery Works,Ltd. was established for manufacturing and sales of printing presses.
1961 Sakurai Machine Trading Co.,Ltd, was set up, specializing in marketing.
1962 Sakurai exhibited its letter presses in DRUPA 62, in Germany, for the first time.
1964 First screen press was produced.
1967 Participated in DRUPA 67, the second DRUPA Exhibition.
1968 Concluded a technical tie-up agreement with the General Research lnc., USA and started to build cylinder type of screen press.
1972 Partaked in DRUPA 72. Midas screen press was completed.
1973 Constructed a new factory with modem equipment.
1975 The OLIVER 48 offset printing press was built.
1977 Exhibited the OLIVER press at DRUPA 77. Started to ship to European markets.
1982 The OLIVER 272 model was exhibited at DRUPA 82.
1984 Sakurai Machinery (Europe) Ltd., London, was established. Sales and technical servicing were expanded not only to European markets but to Africa and Middle East.
1986 Overseas agency network was reinforced further.
1989 A new modem factory was constructed at Mino.
1990 Sakurai USA, Inc.,Chicago, was founded.
1991 The OLIVER 672ED was announced at IGAS 91.
1992 Renamed Sakurai Graphic Systems Corporation(Merger of Sakurai Machinery Works, Ltd.)
1993 OLIVER472EDII/272EII with SPC and OLIVER272EPII with Automatic perfecting mechanism were exhibited at IGAS 93.
1996 Release of OLIVER2102EPII with SPC.
1997 Debut of the OLIVER572EDII with a coatingunit at Chicago Print 97.
Expansion of Gifu factory with MAPICS automated control system and new facilities.
1998 Certified to ISO 900l at Gifu factory.
2000 Sakurai, London branch office was opened for strengthening the sale in U.K.
Super large sized three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine(made by Carl Zeiss, Germany) was introduced to improve the precision of products.
2001 OLIVER466SIP(A2 size convertible perfector)was released at JP2001(Osaka).
2002 Servo drive full automation cylinder screen press, MSD-102A and a full automation stop cylinder screen press squeegee pressure digital adjusting system, MS-80A were released at FESPA02, Spain.
2003 The 100th installation of OLIVER-466SI/SIP series was realized (February).
Three dimension CAD system was introduced at the design department in factory.
Gifu factory acquired the certification of ISO9001 (2000 edition).
2004 OLIVER575SDC(B2 size, 5 color with UV coater) was released at DRUPA04 (Germany).
Gifu factory acquired the certification of ISO14001.
2005 OLIVER466SDP (A2 size, convertible perfector) was released
The 300th installation of OLIVER466SI/SIP series was realized.
2006 OLIVER675SDPC (Super B size, six colors convertible perfector with UV coater) was released.
SAKURAI S-PAS Service is launched.
Our company was celebrated its 60th anniversary.
OLIVER 275SDW/SDPW (B2 wide size, 2 colors convertible perfector) was released.
Gifu Plant’s unattended machine-tool group (FMS) undergoes a thorough upgrade.
Gifu Plant installed 100kw solar power generation system on the rooftops
2007 Gifu Plant expanded 220kw solar power generation system on the rooftops (Total 320kw)
OLIVER596SD (A1 size) was released at IGAS 2007
MS-102SD (Direct-drive cylinder screen printing press) was released at IGAS 2007
The 400th installation of OLIVER466SI/SIP series was realized (September)
2008 OL596SDC (A1 size with UV coater) was released at DRUPA 2008
OL466SD (Waterless spec) was released in Toray booth at DRUPA 2008
MS-80SD (Direct-drive cylinder screen printing press) was released at our showroom exhibition
2009 Exhibited at JGAS2009 the A1 size 4 color offset press, Model OLIVER496SD with waterless print application, and the MS-80SD with low-temperature UV dryer MS-80UV-N.
2010 B2-wide two color/perfector offset press, Model OLIVER275SDPw and servo drive cylinder screen press, Model MS-80SD with low temperature UV dryer were exhibited at JP-Osaka.
2011 The first new technology presentation show was held at the Gifu Plant. The concept was "showing new products and technologies developed with customers". As a state-of-the-art, high-precision technology, the B2 wide four color offset printing machine OLIVER480SD and the two color cylinder screen printing line DMS-102SD, and MS-80SD-CCD camera for the printed electronics industry were released.
2012 OLIVER580SDC B2 – Wide 5 color press was exhibited at DRUPA 2012 (12th participation since 1962)
2013 Installed 4 lines of MS-80SD-CCD camera at touch panel maker in China
MSDR-60 1 color line was released at new technology introduction show in Gifu factory.
2014 OLIVER880SDC-LED UV dryer press, B2 wide 8 color offset press was exhibited at new technology introduction show in Gifu factory, and it is delivered to a label printing company in USA
MSDR-60 2 color line was released at new tech. introduction show in Gifu factory
Instaled MSDR-60 2 color line and 3 color line at smartphone window printers in Korea.
2015 At IGAS 2015 Exhibition (Tokyo), we exhibited the OLIVER580SD five color offset press with LED-UV dryer and inline coater, and the cylinder type roll-to-roll screen printing machine MSDR-60. Under the theme of "the future of your printing", we proposed a demonstration of waterless LEDUV printing and utilize of screen printing for commercial printing.
2016 A2 size two color offset press OLIVER266SI semi-highpile model, direct drive cylinder screen press MS-110DDS were released at the 6th new technology introduction show (at Gifu factory). At DRUPA 2016 exhibition, the line with MSDR-60 + LED-UV dryer and cylinder type fully automatic screen perss MS-80AII (upgraded model), which is the best-selling machine, are exhibited together with the electronic low-temperature UV dryer made by Natgraph, UK.
2017 As the MSDR series, announced the compact size MSDR-30, which thoroughly pursues the operability and high precision unique to small machines, and the printing sheet automatic inspection device MS-102INS, to which a cylinder screen printer is applied.
2018 Released A2 size OLIVER266 RCS multi-purpose processing machine and MSDR-30 two color roll to roll printing line. At the IGAS 2018 exhibition, a demonstration of a series of printing, decoration, inspection and processing production processes under the theme of "Shape" and a printing press operation management system using IoT were exhibited.
2019 The hot foil line connecting luxury quality metal LQM-105 to the stop cylinder type fully automatic screen printing press MS-102AX capable of achieving high added value and high productivity is announced at a new technology presentation show in April. Released the conveyor type printed sheet automatic inspection system SI-102OL.
2020 We have announced DMS-80SD-EXT + CCD, multi-task automatic cylinder screen line combined with Ink Jet Printing as a concept of EXCITE(EXTRA COMBINATION OF INKJET TECHNOLOGY). It can be realized the process of full-color inkjet printing, white back up printing, and glue printing (powdering) in one line.
The foiling unit we released in 2019 have updated and announced as a highly functionalized unit LQM-105 EVOLUTION at the same time.
2021 We have built a new system to support " trial production and contract production " that accompanies the development of new products by our customers. With the know-how and experience as a printing machine manufacturer, we will help our customers to identify the business needs and develop new markets for new products.