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What's "prototyping and contract manufacturing"

 Utilizing the Sakurai's technical capabilities...

technical capabilities and achievements

For more than half a century, Sakurai has developed and manufactured various types of printing presses, from offset presses mainly for paper to screen presses for manufacturing industrial products, and has accumulated experience and achievements. We support you realize your various needs and create new markets with newly created products by utilizing the value of experience we have gained over the years.

 Examples of inquiries in product manufacturing customers who...

- Have given up on large-lot production work because they use semi-automatic machines.
- Have a specific product they want to realize, but cannot produce it in-house.
- Want to start mass production after the prototype is completed.
- Want to show us the results and produce machine/equipment to manufacture them.
- Don't have an outsourcing company that accepts small lot orders.
- currently use multiple subcontractors for manufacturing but would like to centralize.

 Benefits of prototyping and contract manufacturing

1. Minimize management costs
Customers don't need to invest in fixed costs for production, because you can use our factory equipment, machine tools, and human resources.

2. Acquisition of specialized skills
Customers can use immediately our expertise in manufacturing technology, equipment, and production control technology cultivated so far.

3. Rapidly start up production
We have accumulated and shared manufacturing know-how within the company since its establishment. Our partnership with our customers allows us to begin manufacturing products quickly.

4. Flexible production system and diversification of production risk
By using our company as an extension of your factory, it is possible to have both a system that can respond flexibly to changes in demand and a surplus of production capacity. It also has the effect of dispersing the production risk of the customer (BCP).

5. Focus on more important activities
Customers can focus on more important activities such as product development, marketing, sales, advertising, and branding.

 Sakurai's contract manufacturing process

 What's "customer-specific" machine manufacturing (Tailor-Made Production)?

We propose the most suitable "manufacturing line" for screen presses to meet the needs of each customer.

We can construct a manufacturing line including not only a printing machine but also various processing (lamination/punching) according to the customer's product specifications.

Our dedicated customer team, consisting of development, design, and engineering staff, will handle your requirements and provide support after delivery.

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